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Worst Foods for Your Brain That Might Shock You

As command central for your body and your personality, the brain is pretty darn essential. Obviously all of your thoughts, feelings, and memories stem from the brain, but it is also working really hard even when you don’t think you’re doing anything. The brain keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing, manages motor function, and decides what information to process during every moment of your entire life.

So keeping your brain happy and healthy is a big deal. But how to do it? It’s not like we can lift weights with our brains or anything.

One way is proper nutrition. Eating right not only helps to keep your head clear on a daily basis, it can also slow the rate of aging-related cognitive decline and reduce your risk of developing dementia. And not only should you eat lots of good stuff, it’s also wise to avoid certain foods that are just the worst for your brain.

Start by skipping or reducing the following five foods in your diet.

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